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Winter is coming!

Winter time Blues
  • Well, guess what?  It's that time of year again, when you need to check a few things on your automobile, and get ready for the Winter months ahead.  This time of year, tires always seem to deflate a bit, and it is crucial to your vehicles health to keep your tires inflated to the proper PSI.  Tires can contribute to poor fuel economy, poor traction and handling, and the over all safety of the vehicle.  Also if you run your tires with a minimal amount of air pressure, your costly tires can wear out at a much quicker pace.  
  • Check your antifreeze to make sure your car has the proper coolant level, this will help with the heating of the vehicle and also to make sure that your engine block doesn't freeze up.  Freezing up can crack your engine block and this requires a complete motor replacement.
  • Check your wipers and make sure they are good, there is nothing worse than wipers in the rain and sleet that are bad, leaving you with poor visibility.
Good Luck this winter, and remember,if we can lend a hand, call us at Brooks Motor Company, 618-939-9828
Drive Safe!!

Bobby Brooks

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Today's Topic
How the consumer must not be fooled by the lowest advertised price on a pre-owned vehicle.

In today's world, anything and everything can be found with just the touch of you fingers, whether it be on your phone, or on you desktop computer.  Unfortunately in today's world of technology, it is easy to get burned while purchasing a used, or pre-owned vehicle.  While searching, with today's technology, there is no filter to get you a great, or a bad used car, you simply look at price in most cases, and guess what?  While searching, generally the cheapest priced vehicle in your search comes up first.  Leaving the economy dealer, that just purchases your next car at an auction, or somewhere, and then simply takes it back to their carlot and washes it only, and sits it out for sale at the cheapest possible price.  The consumer being the big fish, will bite on that cheap price, and what they perceive to be a nice car because its shiny and clean.

On the other hand you take a premium dealer, that is concerned for their clients, and their reputation, they have the pre-owned vehicles serviced and reconditioned.  On the average, it takes a dealer $1,500-$2,000 to get a pre-owned car up to a premium status.  They always need something, whether its tires, brakes, brake lines, fuel lines, o2 sensors, and on and on and on.  Believe me, they always need something.  Now back to the last paragraph, those repairs would generally cost you up 30%50% more when you had the failure on that cheap priced auto you bought from the 1st dealer I was talking about.  Believe me, there are more that are not fixing the much needed repairs than those dealers that are making the repairs.

Bottom line is, make sure the dealer is doing their Due Diligence, and getting their cars checked out.  Ask to see the dealer checklist and recommended repairs that the shop wrote down.

At Brooks Motor Company, we have a check list that our mechanics use on a daily basis, and on every vehicle.  We spend on the average $1,800 per vehicle getting them ready.  This being said, we are not always the cheapest car advertised on the internet, but 9 times out of 10 we are the best vehicle for the money!  Bottom line is, the fact that the internet cheats consumers of seeing the best product for the money, not just the cheapest price.  

In closing, Educate yourself, and you will get the best possible vehicle out there for a fair price.
If I can be of any help, please do not hesitate to call and ask for me.

Bobby Brooks
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